Conversion of Graphs to Polygonal Meshes

by Jacob Nielsen9. November 2009 06:49

My master thesis on real-time conversion of directed acyclic graphs to polygonal meshes using the geometry shader.

The technique is comprised of two parts. One part which pre-processes the graph in an offline step, and the second part which converts the graph, in real-time, to a polygonal mesh in the geometry shader stage. Finally the mesh is tessellated using the Curved PN Triangles method, also done in the geometry shader stage.

Each node in the graph is described by a direction, a radius and a length.

The graph can be manipulated in real-time, making it possible to animate the graph, add new nodes to the graph or remove nodes from the graph.


Conversion of Graphs to Polygonal Meshes from Jacob Nielsen on Vimeo.


1) Graph

2a and 2b) Initial coarse mesh created (wireframe and shaded)

3a and 3b) Mesh after tessellation (wireframe and shaded)



DirectX 10, Geometry Shader, C++, HLSL



Jacob Nielsen



Master Thesis (PDF - 2.08 mb)

Mininja, the colourful warrior

by Jacob Nielsen5. November 2009 08:32

A game made at DADIU as a joint production. The game had to be controlled using only 4 keys and no mouse. Furthermore we were restricted to using the Source engine. The game was made during a period of 1 month.



Source game engine, C++


Jacob Nielsen (lead programmer) and a team consisted of 2 other programmers, 2 audio progammers, 2 artists, 2 animators, 1 game designer and 1 game instructor.